There is a brevity to Neumeier’s next three checkpoints: #12, #13 and #14. I believe this is because the three of them belong together. As I’ve said before, all of the checkpoints require a back and forth process to complete them fully. But these three seem to be indivisible, in that lacking the others as context they become less effective and make a considerable amount less sense. So in this post we are going to tackle all three together (after all, the point here is to make these concepts understandable.)

So…How do you spread the word? How do people engage with you? And what do they experience?

The following question is essentially the core question of all marketing: How are people going to hear about you? And with more options today that any other time in the past, it’s important to understand where you will be most effective. Much of this relates back to a point upon which I have repeatedly harped: Know who you are and what you do.

I keep going back to this because it is the most important messages in Neumeier’s Zag and it is one of the most important messages in all of business and brand building. Without being aware of your brand identity, in an easily explainable way, you have no way of forming a successful business plan nor an effective marketing strategy. Knowing what you make is one thing, but knowing why you make it and what you hope to achieve is another thing. “Making money” as a brand goal is not a functionable identity. Remember Simon Sinek. “Money is never a purpose, it is always a result.”