There are trends everywhere, especially in our intensely capitalist society. Even a reaction against another trend can become a trend itself. The resurgence of vinyl records was spurred on by a reaction against digital music and the popularity of craft beer, as a reaction against bad-tasting, mass-produced American domestic beer. But, it is important to note that if a reactionist trend (or anti-trend) is going to have a chance at success it must be a trend against something which has lost or is losing its credibility with the public. Selling land-line phones during the peak popularity of iPhones & Android phones would have been a very bad business plan. Yet, as people become tired of always being at the mercy of these devices, the idea becomes a more feasible thing to do.

Though riding a trend or reacting against another trend is not a guaranteed path to success, if you are able to ride more than on trend simultaneously, it will definitely increase your chances. Think of each trend, as Neumeier suggests, as waves. The more waves that you can catch, the further you will travel without having to paddle. Of course your trends should always benefit each other. You don’t want them working in opposition. Going just a little bit further with the metaphor, can you imagine being stuck in the middle of two waves colliding with each other? That’s a deadly place to be for you and for your business to be.

So then the inevitable question comes: where do I find the trends and how do I decide which ones to ride? Well, that’s a tough question to answer in a universal way, because every business is, particularly among zagging businesses, a unique and individual creation. This is really where the first three of Neumeier’s checkpoints and that the focus the bring come in. If you have a clear idea of who you are, what you do and what your vision is, then you won’t have to look for trends. If your market is something that you have genuine interest in, then you will already be reading the right blogs, the right magazines and following the right twitter accounts. You will be immersed in those trends, and as someone which a genuine interest, you won’t be able to help but to have feeling about those trends. We all have ideas about what is the right or the wrong thing to do. Successfully riding a trend is about facilitating a business plan and sculpting a brand identity which best expresses those feeling and utlimates animates the doodles inside your head.